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It is always frustrating for an entrepreneur to discover the weaknesses of his website, online store, blog, social media ... Most web projects have an urgent need for corrections and updates, but also to generate concrete results.

LaFirme is a web marketing agency that specializes in maintenance, website updates, branding, social media coaching, online store optimization and SEO. Our experienced team can elevate any website or web project.

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What is a good web maintenance strategy?

The vast majority of websites online have maintenance needs, which is quite normal because the web is constantly evolving. In fact, the website maintenance can be complex, expensive or even frustrating. LaFirme offers a unique way to revitalize your presence on the web . We enhance your web assets by applying our best strategies to achieving better results for your business.

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Did you know that...


50% of websites are in urgent need of updates and corrections


70% of companies do not reach their goals online


The growth of online shopping sales explodes to 22% in 2017


90% of people are connected to the Internet every day

Our website maintenance process consists of 4 steps:



The analysis of the website and the needs of the company makes it possible to set goals and a plan of actions



Corrections, updates and enhancement of the company's actual website.



Convert visitors into customers by applying different web marketing tactics.



We watch the statistics ans the results to maximize your return on investments.

Our expertise

Web analysis

Web analysis

Inspection of the strengths and weaknesses website

HTML corrections

HTML corrections

Improve the structure and quality of the website code

SEO and optimization

SEO and optimization

In-depth work on keywords and code optimization

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Improve online sales results or increase prospects and customers



Provide support or training to the contractor or the webmaster

Social media

Social media

Coaching on social media management and branding

Multi device

Multi device

Optimize the website for smartphones and tablets

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Web advertising campains - Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and more

Maintenance and follow-up

Maintenance and follow-up

Update and corrections of the site in the long term

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Website redesign - Update - Maintenance - Optimization - Listing and Channels Management

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présentation réalisation La costa samui

Website Design - SEO and Optimization - Maintenance

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présentation réalisation Oke's auto


SEO Coaching, Website Optimization, Error Fixes, Publication on search engine, Responsive web design

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présentation réalisation Garage Certi-Pro

Birth Moon Glow Store

Analysis - Maintenance - Maximizing Online Sales - E-shop Management

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présentation réalisation Birth Moon Glow

Blogue Nutrition Québec

Blog Creation - SEO coaching and Visibility - System for on line booking - Marketing Strategy

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présentation réalisation nutrition quebec

Stéphanie C Photographie

Assistance for blog launching - SEO and visibility - Coaching

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présentation réalisation Stephanie C Photographie

Just Bend Tool

Web Maintenance - Update - Graphic Adjustment - E-shop Management - Security and SSL Certificate

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présentation réalisation Just Bend

Platinum Properties Thailand

Maintenance of the website and the homepage - Coaching and SEO work

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présentation Platinium properties thailand


Mobile Optimization - Joomla website management - Website security - Maintenance and web corrections - Marketing and sales strategy

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présentation GEM CAR

Gestion Financière Denis Blondeau

New pages referencing on Google - Creation of the blog

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présentation Platinium properties thailand

Immobilier Escalade

Correction of the website to respect the search engine standards

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présentation Immobilier Escalade


SEO and visibility - Website update - Performance improvement

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présentation MPA CPA

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